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How to Create a Productive Morning Routine | Valparaiso University


There is a difference between waking up and waking up purposefully. The first few hours of the day really set the tone for how the remainder of the day will pan out. If they are spent rushing and shuffling through several tasks, the rest of the day might not be as productive as you might like. And as multiple influencers and YouTube gurus have taught us, a morning routine is as essential as it is fun. So, here are some tips to get you on your way to creating a morning routine that will stick.


  1. Be mindful. Being mindful is being present and aware of your mental, and physical being in relation to the world around you. Listen to your mind and body and implement actions that will boost your mood. Brew the coffee, turn on the music, do those morning stretches.

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  1. Get organized. This one is a tried-and-true rule: if you are organized, chances are your mornings will become low stress. Write down those rituals that are important to you, or ones that you wish you had time to do, but have been avoiding. Whether it be a regular skincare routine, writing in a journal, or simply meditating for a few moments each morning, find out what will make you feel more energized to take on your day.

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  1. Write down a few things that you would like to accomplish that day. Making a list will keep your goals in front of you, and it is so satisfying to cross off items when you finish them.


  1. Plan your meals. Meal planning helps you avoid eating food that will make you feel bogged down and tired. Chances are if you start your day with a healthy meal, you will be more aware of what you are putting into your body throughout the day.Beautiful young woman preparing the ingredients for a meal in her kitchen. 


  1. Set yourself up for success. Stop imagining and thinking about the person you want to be, and instead begin implementing change in your life. Think about what habits, thought processes, and attitudes your best self would carry. Now adopt those changes, even if it is just one thing at a time. Each morning, focus on a different aspect that you want to add in your life, and begin taking steps to work it in.


It only takes six weeks of repetition for an action to become a learned habit. Visualize and personalize your plan of action to fit your goals, and put it into practice. Six weeks from now, it will be your morning routine. Good luck.


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