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A Day in My Life on the Valpo Esports Team | Valparaiso University

 I’m Daniel Murphy and serve as captain of the Valpo Gold Rocket League Esports team here on campus. I’m a junior majoring in meteorology with minors in math and communication.      

 To start off my day, I grab breakfast before heading right into classes. During the day, I have two to three classes, depending on the day. Then, in the afternoon and into the night, I spend a few hours on homework or studying, depending on what's going on. I’m also involved with the TV station here on campus, VUTV, where I will film the news with my crew, film weather updates for the Valpo area and more.

 During the week, I always look forward to Esports practice. As a team, we will meet in the Esports lab and play a bunch of games together. This includes working with our coach on new techniques and new mechanics, as well as sometimes scrimmaging with the other Valpo Rocket League team. It's a great time because I get to play one of my favorite games and the team is so fun to play with. I always have a good time.      

 Josh Cronin, Matt Latzke, Thomas Hohnholt, and myself are on the team. As a team we have grown so much this semester already, with Josh and Matt being freshmen and Thomas joining this year, we've all only known each other since about July. But practice is a great time, filled with lots of laughs, jokes, and just all-around good team building time, both in-game and in-person. 

 Fridays are when we all get really excited, because that's game day. On game day, we show up an hour early to warm up. As captain, I contact the other team and work with our stream team, if we are streaming our matches, to make sure everything is set up. Once everyone is there, I start things up for the team and run it as a mini-practice, where we start focusing on our in-game communication, getting the jitters out all before we get into the game.    

 Games can be fun, they can be maddening, or they can be anxiety-inducing. It all depends on the outcome, just like any traditional sport. My favorite part of games is when someone makes a big play. We all get so excited, and being able to see and hear that excitement in the team is amazing. The way these games can bring us all so close to one another is amazing to me. I love being able to have a unified team where everyone supports each other no matter what.



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