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A Day in My Life as an Engineering Major | Valparaiso University

The life of an engineering student is certainly not ubiquitous. We do not all wake up at the same time. We do not all go to bed at night. And sadly, some of us do not even shower. Without a doubt, we are unique individuals. I am proud to be one of said individuals and grateful to be a part of the Gellerson ecosystem.

My journey here at Valpo has definitely been a learning experience. I spent the entirety of my freshman year learning to fail and most of this year trying to implement what I had learned last year. From it all, I have learned there are many possibilities in the world and nothing is impossible. I really understood this to be true when I joined Society of Women Engineering (SWE) and attended SWE Nationals. At the national conference for the SWE     , I learned more than I have in any lab or lecture. I learned to be confident in myself and my ability to succeed. While it may seem trivial, this newfound confidence has completely changed my approach to life both academically and personally. Instead of anticipating I will fail, I hope that I will succeed. More importantly, I know that I am able to succeed. A growth mindset is integral to my daily routine as an engineering student. It is what motivates me to keep going when confronted with challenges and, perhaps more importantly, also what pushes me to become a better version of myself each day.  So, what does this look like for me?

Well, my day always begins with me rushing to my first class. From there, I have back-to-back classes until around 2 p.m.. While all of my classes are interesting there is one that I really enjoy going to, Linear Circuit Theory II. I find the design process in general to be very fun, but in this class especially.

After class, I usually start my homework or hang out with my friends. By the time I finish homework, it is around 6 p.m. so I head to dinner. Following dinner, I usually go back to studying and doing homework. While studying I also listen to music to allow myself to focus and really take in the information. At around 10 p.m., on a good day, I get ready for bed. This is my routine on an average weekday!








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