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A Day in my Life as a Parkhurst Dining Marketing Intern

I remember the first day I talked to my boss Andrea Evans, the marketing manager for Parkhurst Dining. It was during an interview for the marketing internship, and from the moment I met her, I knew I was going to love my job. When we sat down to discuss the different parts of the job, she told me about all of the different opportunities that would be open to me and the learning that would come from the opportunity. That’s what attracted me the most, and to this day that’s what I really appreciate about working with Parkhurst.

One of the best parts of my internship is the networking I get to do with other students around the country that are also interning for Parkhurst. Once a week, I get to meet with a group of interns and discuss things that are going on in the dining work on our campuses, and different ways we could improve and make campus life fun for students and staff. This is a great way for interns to put ideas out in the open and get help from peers when needed,or just to help turn ideas into a plan of action. Oftentimes when I have a small idea, I bring it to these meetings and my small idea is collaborated into an entire plan that I didn’t picture could ever happen without the help of my peers.

Another reason I love my job at Parkhurst is because of the learning that’s involved. When I first started, I had no idea what Canva was or how to use it but my boss was very patient with me and gave me some very helpful pointers along the way. I think one thing that really helped when learning about Canva is that my boss always does her best to provide me with the most information possible and always gives me the best feedback she can. When I design a flier, I love that I never get scared to show Andrea my work in fear of it not being good enough,because no matter what she always finds something in the design to pull from to make it end up looking great. I love being able to collaborate with her and make some really great designs to be hung up around the dining hall.

One of the last major reasons I love my job working for Parkhurst is the internal networking experiences I've gained on campus. The more time I spend working at Parkhurst, the more jobs I’ve been told about that I didn’t know existed before. For example, I didn’t know about the concession stand job for sporting events before, but since working for Parkhurst, I have been asked if I’d like to try it out and I found out that I love working sporting events. The environment is perfect for me and I love the fast-paced action of the job. I’ve also been exposed to catering jobs for Parkhurst, which has been a lot of fun to work so many different events and learn what it takes to cater an event on a college campus.

I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve gained since working for Parkhurst as a marketing intern and I can’t wait to see what kind of opportunities await in the future. Whether it’s a concession stand job one night, hosting a Pop Up by the Fish Tank, or creating a flier the next day there is always a fun opportunity in dining!Kaylee. DIML


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