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A Day in My Life as a Nursing Major | Valparaiso University

Introduction: Hi everyone! My name is Charlesiana Roberts and I’m a senior nursing student with a minor in public health. I’m from Hammond, Indiana, and on campus, I’m involved in Black Student Organization, local volunteer work, and oh … I’m a campus tour guide! Welcome to a day in my organized yet unorganized life! I hope you enjoy it.


  • On Monday I wake up around 4m. to get ready for my 6 a.m. clinical. I lay in bed for about 30 minutes trying to get my thoughts together — I’m totally not a morning person. I take a shower, do my hair, and grab my clinical bag and stethoscope.
  • I run to the parking garage and head to my favorite place: I blast my music to wake myself up and drink my venti vanilla cold brew.
  • I get to the hospital around 5:40 a.m. and wait on the main floor for my clinical instructor to start our day! On the Labor and Delivery floor, we scrub our hands clean before touching the babies and get paired with our nurse for the day. I listen to a report about the infant and head into the room to meet mom and baby!
  • I take vitals on the baby, change diapers, and swaddle them to sleep. I take a quick look at mom and get to interact with other family members. We end clinical around noon, and I head back to campus.
  • I’m usually starving (I hate breakfast) so I grab a quick bite on the way back to campus. Once I make it back, I run to my room to change and head to my 1:30 p.m. class. My two nursing classes end at 3:20 p.m. and then I head to work.
  • I walk across campus to the Welcome Center, where I’m a desk receptionist. I answer calls and help with student visits. I sit and chat with Amy (Love you, Amy!) and eventually it’s 5m. so I clock out. PSA, working in admissions is the best campus job!
  • At 5 p.m. I meet my friends and we eat dinner at Founders. We laugh, catch up about the day, and then head back to our residence halls. Honestly, by 5m. I’m exhausted, so I take a nap (I told you guys I’m not a morning person).
  • After my nap, my friends and I head over to the library and start our homework. We get snacks from Grinders, talk, work, and repeat this cycle until midnight.
  • I get back to my room, take a shower, and scroll on TikTok. I eventually fall asleep, and the cycle starts again!




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